Chart Object

Chart Objects:

You can put an object on the chart and then read its value in any shift by this type of indicator. For example, you can put an Equidistant channel on the chart and set its name to “EQ1” and set shift on 2 and set custom parameters on “EQ1,1” to read the value of its second line in candle 2.

Name: The name of object (not case sensitive)

Line id: An object can have several values in one price coordinate, therefore it is necessary to specify the line number. (zero for the first line)

This function applies only to the following objects:

  • Trend line
  • Trend line by angle
  • Gann line
  • Equidistant channel – 2 lines
  • Linear regression channel – 3 lines
  • Standard deviation channel – 3 lines
[OBJECT] Chart ObjectName, line idReturns value of an object on chart

Moving Horizontal Line:

If you need to draw a line object on the chart for a specific value which is result of an expression you can use this indicator which has 4 parameters:

Expr, width, style, color

ESB calculates expr and draw a horizontal line on chart with the style defined by width, style, color.

The style could be SOLID or DASH. Color could be names of any predefined color like GREEN, RED, YELLOW, BLACK, or any desired color. Width is the width of the line which is from 1 to 10. For example:


Note: The list of color names is available in the link below:

[OBJECT] Moving Horizontal Lineexpr, width, style, colorDraw line on chart