In the Notifications section, you can setup entries notification settings. you can easily enable or disable any type of notifications. ESB has a smart module for your safety that can detect some dangerous conditions and can notify them. ESB notifies you for every entry point and some critical messages about its status or market failures or every time it needs that something must be manually done!

You can simply use ESB as a signal notifier and then check manually your desired conditions on the chart. This is very useful because can get rid of sitting 24 hours a day in front of the chart and waiting for the next ticks! ESB checks market tick by tick and notifies you.

ESB supports 4 types of notifications: E-Mail, Alert, Message Box, Phone Notification.

If you want to get notification directly on your phone, set up MT4 on your phone and then go to Settings > Messages and write your MetaQuotes ID on a paper. Then in the MT4 trading platform in your PC or VPS, go to Tools > Options > Notifications menu and then check the “Enable Push Notifications” and enter your MetaQuotes ID there. After you have completed this step restart MetaTrader 4. Your settings won’t work until you restart the platform.

If you want to get E-Mails, first set up your email. In MT4 trading platform go to Tools -> Options or simply click CTRL+O. Check the “Enable” checkbox and complete your mailbox data. After you have completed, it is highly recommended that you restart MetaTrader 4. Your settings won’t work until you restart the platform.

Note: Notifications and E-Mail not working in Strategy Tester.

Minimum Time Between Two Signal Notifications: As it sounds, you can set the minimum delayed time between two notifications in seconds. If you set it on 60, it sends only one notification per minute. 0 means no limit.

Send Indicators values in Signal Email: set it to true to attach all the current values of defined indicators to email.