How double volume if lose?

Sometimes you need to double the volume of position if last position got Stoploss or it has been closed in loss. In this case, you need to define one indicator which has the profit of last order and you need another indicator to store the volume of the last order. Then, an IF expression can check if last profit is less than zero, it uses 2 times more than last volume. The flow is like this:
1- lastVol is a KEEPER indicator which keeps volume of the last order in memory

2- lastProfit is a KEEPER indicator which keeps profit of the last order in memory

3- Vol is an IF EXPRESSION indicator which check if lastProfit<0 returns 2*lastVol and otherwise it returns 0.01

At the end we need to use By Expression for set volume and set it on Vol.

Here is a plan which simply is about cross of two moving average and it doubles volume if last order fails.

Download MT5 Sample Set File: