only 33 Indicators?

ESB has 33 Indicators slots which sometimes is not enough for some plans. There are many ways to reduce the number of used indicators. We mention some here:

  • Use functions rather than indicators: for instance to get order properties there are some functions and also indicators
  • Use same indicator with different shifts: For example define IND1 with shift 0, Then in expressions you can use:

Ind1[1] for shift 1
Ind1[2] for shift 2
Ind1[3] for shift 3

  • Choose indicators without sub type: It means you have all types of that specific indicator

For example ESB has these indicators for MA:
[osc] Moving Average
[osc] Moving Average Simple
[osc] Moving Average exponential

If you choose the first one, ESB will add all kind of moving Average. Check indicators panel to see them.

  • Use range shift: Shift can be in format of “start,step,end,operand” which is very helpful to reduce indicators usage.
    for example “1,10,max” means maximum from shift 1 to 10 which means you don’t need to define 10 separate indicators. define one indicator and set shift on 1,10,max means ESB calculate this for 10 candles and find the maximum.