Indicators Window

There are many useful data that are shown in the panel. Status LCD shows the current status of ESB. You can see there many useful messages about times, news, rallies and so on. The upper part of the panel with blue labels shows you overall reports from ESB started. The lower labels with green colors, show some data about the current open trades. The middle labels with names Buy Orders and Sell Orders shows the current status of buy and sell orders. You can see ENTRY, BREAK, TRAIL LEDs that show Entry Expression, Break-even expression, and trail expression status. The EXPRX shows the status of the Close Expression. As expression turns to true, its LED will be turned on and its color will have changed to green.

almost data that are shown in the panel are regular reports. Some of them need more explanations as follows:

SIGNALS: The number of signals that are met with your entry conditions. No filter applied on entries.

Not Buy or Not Sell: This is the number of signals that ESB didn’t enter because of any reason like Forbidden Times, News Warning Times, Night Warn Hours, Limitation of Max Open Positions and anything else.

 DPL: This is Deposit Load in percent.