Entry Settings

The next group of advanced options is entry options. All details about entry points can be set here.

Ignore Dojis When selecting this option, you can get rid of the Doji candles in the entry points. The ESB ignores all Doji candles for checking entry conditions.

Max Number of Signals for each Candle: Use this option to set a limitation for the number of signals for each candle. If the number of signals in the candle is reached to maximum, ESB rejects new signals on that candle. You can consider this as maximum orders for each candle in Buy/Sell mode and maximum rallies in one candle for martingale or grid mode.

Max Spread & Deviation: As its name sounds, it allows you to adjust maximum allowing spread and deviation for trading. Deviation means the difference between the open of the current candle and close of the previous candle.