Step3: Set TP and SL

If your plan doesn’t set Takeprofit and Stoploss leave the TP and SL on “Not Set” value. Otherwise, you have set on other types includes:

Fixed Distance: It means that your TP or SL has a fixed distance to open price. In this case “Fixed TP” parameter must set to the desired distance in points.

Set by Candle High/Low: As it sounds, Set TP and SL by High or Low of Nth previous candle that N is set by “Candle Shift” parameter. The ESB decides to use High or Low.

Set by Candle Open/Close: Set TP and SL by open or close of Nth previous candle that N is set by the “Candle Shift” parameter.

Set by Expression: If TP/SL of your plan operates differently, set it using “Buy/Sell Expression“.  ESB calculate this expression and set TP/SL by its result. Note that these are function expressions, not logical expressions. Write like a formula and ESB uses its result. For example “MA1 – 10pips” or “Close[2]” or “IND2” or anything else