Series of Expressions

If you need to check some expressions in the series, you can use these types of indicators.


As you can see, EX1 is a series of 5 expressions which is in a comma-separated format. ESB will check them in order. It checks the first one and if it turns to true, it waits for the second one. If second also turns to true, it goes and checks next and so on. As the last one turns to true, the output will be true. Note that ESB waits for expression as long as all previous expressions are true. If one of the previous expressions becomes false, it goes and checks that expression.

There is another expression series called Expression Machine. It acts exactly like normal expression series but it waits for expression and as it starts for checking the expression N, it doesn’t care about previous expressions. It is like a machine that waits for an expression to go to the next state. In the new state, it doesn’t care about previous steps. As the last state becomes true, it returns true and goes for the first expression again. For example, if EX1 were an Expression machine, as MA1 gets bigger than MA2, it waits for RSI to be greater than 30 and it doesn’t care if MA1 gets lesser than MA2.