Why we used a different method in ESB?

Many different strategy builders could be installed as standalone software in your operating system. These builders have many challenges that are solved in Easy Strategy Builders. ESB starts by downloading an expert advisor file, dragging it on charts, setting a series of parameters and then creating a backtest. These steps are taken without any programming and block diagrams. ESB implements everything in Meta trader and removes many problems of builder tools. Some of the pros are as follows:

  • The first one is that in other programs may be indicators and topics are implemented internally and might make you face differences between the results in the program and the results in MetaTrader. ESB has high accuracy in relative of these similar apps; Because ESB uses Meta Trader indicators and functions directly.
  • Another problem is downloading the required data, which are not usually valid and compatible with that of your broker.  The ESB uses MetaTrader data and solves this problem. Once you download the data it will be used by the program. So the results will never have any unconformity.
  • You also have limited strategy options, for example, if you want to create complicated plans, the block diagrams will be too detailed and complicated. By using ESB you don’t have any complexity because everything is ready-made and you just set options to desired values.
  • Using ESB you can test and run your plans at the moment instead of new exporting to Meta Trader for every small change.
  • Use Meta Trader reports instead of individual reports.
  • Better performance because of ready-made modules instead of join blocks of codes that maybe not be combined in a good performance.
  • In other builders, if something was changed in MetaTrader you must wait for new updates. By using ESB you don’t have to update anything if indicators have been updated in Meta Trader. You see changes at the moment.
  • Commonly normal builders aren’t suitable for price action strategies. ESB is highly fit for price action strategies and has a full collection of functions for working with candles or a group of candles.
  • One unique feature of ESB is supporting Grid and Martingale as well. You can easily set martingale or anti-martingale or grid or any type of network trading and test them for any desired entry point. The most of Martingale and Grid products in the MQL market can be implemented so fast just by some clicks.
  • ESB is the only one that supports News in backtesting. This means you can use news base indicators or backtest your plans in a history of news time.
  • ESB supports manual trading that means you can do buy and sell manually and then ESB will manage them automatically if you set the desired condition.
  • Put a trend line on the chart and ask ESB to do buy or sell if the trend line is broken by price candles or any custom conditions.
  • With our easy strategy builder, you also can create an income for yourself easily, by implementing other people‚Äôs strategies, or by selling your strategy settings to others.