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The Easy Strategy Builder (ESB) is a “Do It Yourself” solution that allows you to create a wide range of the automated trading strategies without any line of codes. This is the world’s easiest method to automate your strategies that can be used in STP, ECN and FIFO brokers. No drag and drop is needed. Just by set conditions of your trading strategy and change settings on desired values and let it work in your account. Also, ESB help to back test and optimize your trading strategies in fastest mode and remove strategies that do not pass your tests and replace them with new ones to save your time and money and maintain the most successful collection of trading strategies.

How It Works

Whether you are a scalper or a long-term trader, ESB offers you a reliable and easy way to automate your strategy! You can implement multi-pair and multi-timeframe strategies. It supports the most kind of strategies includes scalping, price action, martingale, arbitrage, grid, hedge, trend line, trade on news (using internal adaptive news engine), level trading and so on. It supports all Logical, calculating and mathematical and arithmetic operations. All Meta Trader standard indicators and any custom indicator are supported. If ready-made functions aren’t enough, can define your custom functions. The advanced risk  and money management management modules supports any kind of break even and trailing stops. Also, it has very strong news engine that in care mode monitors news and decide to manage trades. ESB has a convenient panel that helps you to monitor everything. It has a strong log and notification modules that can send any report directly on your phone or log it anywhere.

MetaTrader 4

Fully Supports MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 5

Fully Supports MetaTrader 5

How to Make a Forex Robot using EasyStrategyBuilder

  • start-with-main-settings

    Set main options to define structure of your strategy  After main settings, follow Step 1 and Step 2. If your strategy uses Martingale, go to Martingale options, if it is Grid strategy, go to Grid options otherwise follow step 3 to step 7.

  • step-1-set-required-indicators

    You have 33 places to define all of the indictors that your plan needs. ESB supports all standard indicators and oscillators and also many other unique indicators

  • step-2-set-entry-conditions

    Then ESB knows how and when to open a new buy or sell

  • step-3-set-takeprofit-and-stoploss

    define TP and SL for open orders. It could be fixed or based on the candle's open/close or high/low or any desired expression

  • step-4-set-money-management

    Set the volume of trades and maximum risk for each position

  • step-5-set-close-expressions

    define when and in which condition ESB must close open orders

  • step-6-set-break-even

    define the conditions for break-even and half-break-even of the open orders

  • step-7-set-trailing-stop

    set trailing stop to define how stoploss follow the price. The trailing options are in 3 groups: Trailing Start Options, Trailing Step Options and Trailing Stop Options

  • advanced-settings

    if you need to advanced options like sessions, trading times, news settings, broker settings, graphic options and so on, you can find them in this block

  • let-it-start-trading

    backtest your robot and let it start live trading if results are promising


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