Custom Variables

Custom Variables *

(Only Can Be Used by Martingale and Grid Expressions)

 MartingaleAttemptReturns Current Attempt Number of Martingale
 MartingaleAntiAttemptReturns Current Attempt Number of Anti Martingale
 MartingaleProfitReturns Current Profit of Martingale
 MartingaleLotsReturns Total Lots of Martingale
 MartingaleSecondsReturns Seconds from Start Time of Martingale Rally
 MartingaleStartCandleReturns Candle Number of Martingale Start Candle
 MartingaleStartPriceReturns Price of Martingale Start
 GridProfitReturns Current Profit of Grid
 GridLotsReturns Total Lots of Grid
 GridSecondsReturns Seconds from Start Time of Grid
 GridStartCandleReturns Candle Number of Grid Start Candle
 GridStartPriceReturns Price of Grid Start