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We can implement your forex strategy using ESB or from the scratch by ESB developers. Instructions to order a Strategy:
  1. Fill up the order form.
  2. As you submit the form, send us an email to: or send a  Whatsapp message to: +60197067395 to discuss about the plan, timings, ...
  3. As details are confirmed, we will send you the invoice.
  4. After payment is settled, we will build the plan and send a SET file to you as per agreed timeline. If you hired the ESB developers, we will send you the expert file.
  5. You will have a test time to check the strategy and ask us to fix the possible issues.
  • Filling up the form is just the first step. Please make sure you inform us through email or Whatsapp after submitting the form for further discussion. The implementation time will be started as payment is confirmed.
  • You need to have ESB installed on your MetaTrader before using any set file

The delivery would be based on the strategy's complexity. Some strategies take more time to understand and implement properly. The minimum price would be for a set of five indicators or expressions. If your strategy uses more indicators or expressions, this price would increase accordingly. We will confirm the final price with you before starting implementation.

Full description of your strategy to Implement by ESB

Please explain the details of your plan. This information helps us to estimate the time, cost and also to check if it is doable or not. (Be noted that some strategies can't be automated and needs human brain). We will check this data and return back to you asap.

Enter a desired name for your strategy

What Indicators your strategy needs? Please mention the exact name of the Indicators and all of the settings for the indicator (timeframe, periods, shift, ...). If you need to use custom indicator, you need to share the indicator with us through email.

Explain entry conditions. Please let us know the exact conditions for entering the position. Please use only the indicators which you mentioned above.

Explain volume of the positions and risk and any money management you need.

Explain Stop loss and Take profit and also how you want to trail the positions or risk-free them. Please let us know the exact description for each position.

Explain whatever you think we should know which helps us to a better understanding of your plan

The invoice will be issued for this name

we would like to know you are from which country if you don't mind. This will help us to adjust better times for discussion about your plan.

We will contact you and send you invoice by this email address.

We will contact you through this WhatsApp number

As order got confirmed, we will send you details for payment.

We will issue the invoice for this email on Paypal


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