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MT4 (Meta Trader 4) Version: 

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MT5 (Meta Trader 5) Version: 

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Changes List:
Version 7.51 2024.02.14
– fix RVI general indicator
– improve string parameter parsing for mt4 custom indicator
– add a few comments to inputs for step 3-7 which are not applicable for martingale and grid

Version 7.50 2024.01.28
– Improve “Max Open Hours” and “Max TP Hours” calculations
– Improve “NFP news time” calculations
– Change “Care to News” option’s name to “Monitor News”
– add a few new logs

Version 7.49 2024.01.20
– improve parsing parameters for invalid parameters
– fix parameters for group of ORDERS indicators for MT5

Version 7.48 2024.01.08
– fix custom indicator handle cache for mt5
– fix multiple custom indicator handle management for mt5
Version 7.47 2024.01.06
– improve custom indicator for MT5
– hard-coded custom parameter types to support strings for custom indicator parameters

 Version 7.46 2024.01.02

– fix custom indicator validation for MT5

Version 7.45 2023.12.25
– news file adjusted for UTC (use the latest file from website)
– news file could be loaded from common folder as well (for MT5 has to be there)
– fixed the number detection for a corner case (negative float number without leading zero)
– panel news feed by default is true

Version 7.44 2022.10.11

  • Upgrade Grid and Martingale Order Functions to Match with New MT changes
Version 7.43 2022.09.24
  • Added TradeInWeekends options to allow ESB trade in weekends as well (useful for crypto markets)
  • Improved “No Trading Times” calculations
  • Improved grid closing mechanism
  • Changed Buy/Sell button name
Version 7.42 2022.09.17
  • Added a few more logs
  • Improved grid close positions (closing positives first)
  • Fixed news links

Version 7.36 2021.05.09

  • Added new functions to get information about total opened orders
  • Fixed breakeven candle checking
  • Fixed Custom Indicators time frame issue for MQL5
  • Set default position max hours to 0 (unlimited)
Version 7.33 2021.03.09
  • Added auto rounding volume for partial close by expression

Version 7.31 2021.02.19

  • Added sub window and code to the parameters of “Custom Indicator by Object”
  • Fixed hidden objects detection issue
Version 7.30 2021.02.18
  • Added Increment to Shift format (start,end,[step],operand)
  • Added new Indicator for working with those Custom Indicators which don’t have buffer
  • Added new Indicators for working with history orders
  • Added new Indicator: Counter
  • Added new Indicator: Moving Horizontal Line
  • Added new Indicator: Candle Height which is (high-low)
  • Added new Functions for working with history orders
  • Added new Function Touch: detects price touches a certain level
  • Added new Function
  • LastNotificationSeconds : returns seconds
  • from last notification
  • Added new Function
  • LastNotificationCandle : returns candle
  • Number of the last notification
  • Added new Function NewCandle for Detect New Candle in Expressions
  • Added new Advanced Option for Minimum seconds Between Signals’ Notifications
  • Added new Advanced Option for Send Indicators values in Signal Report email
  • Added day of the week by normal string(sunday, monday, …)
  • Added Buy/Sell/Stop/limit to keywords
  • Improved user expression error reporting to mention position of the error in user expressions
  • Improved LastValue function
  • Improve Expressions to handle its own name in expression
  • Fixed priority issue of the shift with expressions for indicators
  • Fixed LastSignalSeconds at the beginning which should be a big number
  • Fixed Complicated Naming issue which makes some conflict if two indicator use same name
Version 7.24 2021.01.17
  • Added title to status LEDs
  • Refactored shift calculation codes (may affect back-test’s results a bit)
  • Fixed expression loop shift issue
  • Fixed Heiken-Ashi Candles Dynamic Calculation
Version 7.22 2020.12.17
  • Added “KEEPER” Indicator to catch value by condition expression and keep them in memory
  • Improved custom indicator naming
  • Fixed Issue of Only Anti Martingale Cases
Version 7.21 2020.10.26
  • Removed Some Extra Logs
Version 7.20 2020.10.24
  • Added Screenshot taker
  • Added Arrow Custom Indicator Signal
  • Added New Indicator for reading array from file
  • Global variable’s name could be set by indicator ame or in parameters
  • Improved custom indicator search paths
  • Fixed custom indicator for offline chart
Version 7.13 2020.09.27
  • added offset to breakeven
  • fixed expression issue about adding constants
Version 7.0 2020.08.09
  • Added Partial Close feature
  • Added Error Window
  • Added “EXPRESSION SERIES” to indicators
  • Added “STATE MACHINE” to indicators
  • Added “InitialLots” function to Selected Order to indicators
  • Added “Martingale Or Anti Martingale” to Martingale Types
  • Added More checking before Manual Close
  • Added New LED indicators in the Main Panel
  • Added two new indicators for angle of the trend line
  • Added 3 more type of shifts (First, Last, Nth)
  • Added EMPTY_VALUE for indicators with no values on some candles
  • Added sanity check for Adding “[shift]” automatically in case of using shft1:shft2:operand” for shift of expressions.
  • Removed Buy/Sell Expressions 2,3 (now is doable easier by series of expressions)
  • Removed Options for Series of the Buy/Sell Entry Expressions
  • Removed “Start only If Martingale didn’t Start” from Martingale Options (now is doable by Martingale Type)
  • Rearranging of the inputs (Moved 28 indicators to the bottom of settings)
  • Changed Handling of Expression Shifts (This version considers expression shifts as well)
  • Changed T/F to boolean as type in front of the expression names for better understanding of the expression type
  • Changed “expr1,expr2,expr3” LEDs to “entry,break,trail” LEDs on the panel
  • Changed Default Shift Operand to “AND”
  • Changed Default Shift of Indicators to “0”
  • Some improvement on the name of the inputs and text arts 🙂 and also indicator names
  • Some Improvement on the Reading Properties of Orders rather than Getting them from Order Comment
  • Fixed issue of the dependent Expressions
  • Fixed issue of using keywords in indicator names
  • Fixed issue with CandleNumber in Meta5
  • Fixed issue if indicator name includes cross
  • Fixed Pending order volume issue in Martingale
  • Fixed Trendline Parameters issue
  • Fixed Issue On Recovery of Corrupted Martingale Rally
  • Fixed Anti Martingale Pending order Close issue in Martingale
  • Fixed issue of Hidden text in Panel Reloading
  • Fixed some spelling errors
Version 6.58 2020.07.01
  • Added auto detect path for custom indicators
  • Fixed custom indicators load in Meta 5
  • Fixed some spelling issues
  • Fixed some GUI issues based on Meta Trader GUI limitations
Version 6.57 2020.06.27
  • Fixed issue for brokers that don’t support FOK as order filling type
Version 6.56 2020.06.27
  • Added supporting and checking different filling modes for those
  • brokers and symbols which don’t support some of filling types
Version 6.55 2020.05.11
  • Added “CROSS” without type for support both crossup and crossdown in one expression
  • Added shift’s expressions for Expression indicators
  • Added supporting of indicator name as input for CandleNumber function
  • Support special characters for tooltip in indicators panel
  • Improved CandleNumber for shift operands
  • Fixed dynamic shift for fixed number expressions
Version 6.52 2020.02.02
  • Added All time frames in custom parameters for Meta5 version
  • Improved panel caption to show version as well
  • Fixed issue about parameters assignment for MACD and Swing Indicators
Version 6.5 2020.01.22
  • Added 6 new Indicators for Working with Group of Orders
  • Added 22 new Indicators for Working with each Order
  • Added 9 new Indicators for Working with Accounts
  • Added Memory Variable Indicators for Sharing Variables and Values
  • Improved Value of Functions for number of orders on Currency 1&2
  • Improved Type in Tool-tips for Indicators Panel
  • Fixed Issue in Spread Indicator
  • Fixed Issue in Martingale for Limited Number of Rallies

Version 6.3 2019.11.03

  • Added PREVORDERCANDLE for get candle number of previous order
  • Added OPENCANDLE for get candle number of current order
  • Added Multi Title Search for All News Indicators
  • Added Central Bank News Options
  • Improved Concept of Shift in News Indicators
  • Improved Lottage Calculations
  • Improved Calculation of Martingale Lottage Increasing Steps
  • Fixed Issue in Candles Group Average Body Indicator
  • Fixed Issue about indicator index in LASTVALUE function
  • Fixed Issue in Reading News File in Back test
  • Fixed Issue in Week Number Calculations
  • Upgrade: News file “allnews.ndf”

Version 6.2 2019.09.09

  • Improved Checking conditions process for attempts of martingale
  • Improved Swings for Shift<Level
  • Improved news downloading process
  • Improved performance by disabling checking of martingale or grid
  • expressions in buy and sell mode
  • Supports Encrypted news file for back testing
  • Supports all symbols for news indicators
  • Changed news file address to “tester\files” directory
  • Fixed issue about pure buy/sell expressions
Version 6.0 2019.07.23
  • Martingale supports dynamic distances
  • Martingale attempts can be price level using (L:)
  • Martingale supports dynamic profits
  • Added Conditions for attempts in martingale
  • Added “Logger Mode” for ease of use as data logger
  • Added lottage expression
  • Added log signals to file
  • Added main panel position options (Left and Top)
  • Added LastSignalCandle for access candle number of last signal
  • Added China currency CNY/CNH to news module
  • Added new option for maximum number of orders per Candle
  • Added warning Message for duplicate log file
  • Main panel is movable Now
  • Improved news module
  • Improved log files name (Added Magic Number to Names)
  • Fixed LastSignalPrice problem
  • Fixed errors for seconds from prev news indicator
  • Fixed white panel issue
  • Fixed some recovery issues
Version 5.0 2019.06.06
  • Refactoring expression engine and replace it with powerful and faster engine with higher performance and lower memory usage
  • Added “Fast Back Test” option for faster back testing by predicting ticks using advanced algorithms
  • Change default function time frames to current chart time frame
    Improved performance by removing tick recorders for unusable indicators
  • Updated News Engine Link Address
  • Improved Trailing and Break even engine
  • Added “LastSignalPrice” function
  • Added “Arrow Type” option for mark entry points
  • Fixed “Tick Speed” Indicator
Version 4.2 2019.05.22
  • Added useful functions for access previous orders properties
  • Improved Performance by removing calculations for static expressions
  • Fixed duplicate name in functions and expressions
  • Removed timers in plans without news
Version 4.0 2019.03.10
  • Meta 5 version completed and released
  • Codes are more compatible with Meta 5
  • Fixed a bug in indicators window
  • Add tool-tip text to profit LCD for showing the total commissions and swaps

Version 3.7 2019.03.04

  • Added Manual Trading
  • Improve Error reporting
Version 3.5 2019.02.13
  • Added “Indicator Mode” for marking signals with no limitations
  • Added tool-tip for Panel BUY/SELL LED’s
  • Improved Cross Detection
  • Improved Error Reports
  • Improved Codes for Meta 5 Compatibility
Version 3.0 2019.02.09
  • Refactored Codes for Supporting Meta Trader 5
  • Added Chart Objects
  • Added MQL 5 VPS Support
Version 2.73 2019.01.20
  • Changed structure of tool-tips in indicators window
  • Now, Demo version can also be applied on demo accounts
Version 2.70 2019.01.20
  • Added Heiken-Ashi candles
  • Added expressions support in shift
  • Fixed some issues about “CandleNumber” command
  • Added title in notifications
  • Added range as shift in tool tips
Version 2.22 2019.01.04
  • Improved performance by 20%
  • Removed some limitations for stochastic indicator
  • Added “New Year No Trading Times” options
  • Changed arrangement of some settings ( Magic Number and Max Positions )
  • Increase Index of Indicators to start from 1 (for “LastValue” or “Indicator” or other functions)
  • Added useful function “CandleNumber” for acquiring number of candle in indicators.
Version 2.0 2018.12.13
  • Now, Robot can recovery its positions and status after any force close and crashes or restarting VPS. This feature is very challenging and now is active.
  • Now, robot can access latest signal by LastSignal commands (“LASTSIGNALISBUY”,”LASTSIGNALISSELL”,”LASTSIGNALSECONDS”)
  • Added some useful data about trading action mode on window header
  • Added Negative shifts for Ichimoku
  • Added double numbers for crosses
  • Added double numbers in Martingale manual TP
  • Removed messaging about enabling terminal trade
  • Added some graphics in settings page for fast finding of them by user
Version 1.71 2018.11.15
  • Solved one reported issues about open orders count
Version 1.70 2018.11.06
  • Added Manual Attempts and Manual Profits in Martingale
  • Added Helpful Graphical Lines for Martingale That Show Target Profit,Zero Profit and Stop Levels
  • Changed Open Orders Count Function to Get Info About All Open Orders Not Only Owned Ones
  • Edited Some Martingale Criteria
  • Increased Checking Times
  • Updated Order Sending Mechanism
Version 1.62 2018.09.22
  • Improve Swing Points Performance
Version 1.61 2018.09.18
  • Add More Options for News Warn Hours
  • Resolve Issue About Orders Numbers for Some Brokers
Version 1.60 2018.09.14
  • Added New Options for Determining Base of Calculations for Money Management Modules
  • Added Some New Function for Using in Expressions
Version 1.54 2018.09.02
  • Fixed an issue about max open positions