Steps to apply your trading strategy

If you design any plan, you need to set seven steps. For automating your money-making plans by ESB, do these seven steps in settings:

Step 1. Set desired indicators or functions.

Step 2. Write entry conditions.

Step 3. Set take profit and stop loss.

Step 4. Set money management options.

Step 5. Set risk management criteria.

Step 6. Set half break even and break even.

Step 7. Set trailing stop options.

Note: In each step, you can define your desired conditions instead of using ready-made options.

If your trade mode is martingale or grid, you need to fulfil only step 1 and step 2 and the rest of the options must be set in its sections. A wide range of options are made for martingale and grid and you can implement any kind of network using them. If you need advanced options, you can use advanced settings block that lets you justify the details.