MODE 2: Minimum Total Profits / Max Los

If mode2 is chosen, ESB uses the values of this section for managing grid positions.

Minimum Profit: You can set a “Minimum Profit” for the target. This means you set a percentage of balance as a profit target. The ESB will automatically close all positions when the profit target is reached. For example, suppose your account is in USD and you set the minimum profit parameter to 1%. In this case, if balance is 10000$ then as overall profit reaches 100$ all positions will be closed. There are also two separate parameters for “Minimum Profit in Fridays” and “Minimum Profit on Mondays”. The market is not stable on Mondays and Fridays and this is the reason that some traders like to have less risk.

Close in Loss Mode: ESB closes all positions when the maximum of loss is reached. There are two methods for calculating the maximum of overall loss.

Fixed Amount of Loss: As its name sounds, in this case, the maximum loss is set by a fixed amount of account currency.

Balance Percentage: A percentage of the account balance is used as the maximum loss.