Useful Commands

ESB panel allows you to perform some actions without restarting or going to the settings page. There are two buttons at the upper right of the panel. BY default, the left button has “ALL” value and the right button has “ON” value. Using the left button, you can filter buy signals or filter sell signals. For example, if you click on the left button, its name will have changed to “Buy”. This means that only buy signals are allowed and all sell signals are filtered. If you click again on it, its name will have changed to “Sell”. In this case, only sell signals are allowed. If you click again, its name will have changed to “ALL” which means all buy and sell signals are allowed.

The right button is for disabling ESB. If you click on this button, its name will be changed to “OFF” which means ESB is disabled and in this situation, ESB doesn’t do anything and everything must perform manually. If you click again on this button, it will be enabled again.

Another button in the lower right of the ESB panel is the “Close All” button. As its name sounds, this button closes all positions forcedly. This is useful in some situations that ESB crashed or its situation is broken.