Trade in news

One of the important items of risk management in forex is news risks and trading in news-times. The ESB has an advanced news module that helps you trade safely even in the times of news. Just set “Monitor News” to true to enable this module.

Trading in Multiple Important News Times: This option gives ESB the possibility to detect the highest potential of volatility and random trend by multiple news for the trade and don’t enter any new position in those times.

Warn hours for red, yellow, orange news, central banks: select a minimum number of warning hours to trade before and after a high or medium or low impact or central bank news. Note that just news that affected the current pair is taken into account. For example, if you set 2 hours of warning before and 3 hours of warning after red news, ESB doesn’t enter any new position for 2 hours before and 3 hours after any high impact news about the current symbol.

Note: For enabling news engine, you must add “” to the list of allowed web request URLs in Tools > options menu and then Expert advisors tab. Don’t forget to check “Allow Web Request for listed URL“.