Failing and Exiting

If a rally fails and reaches maximum allowed loss, the ESB can do different actions that can be set by the “Failed Orders Action” parameter. The options are as follows:

Leave Rally: If you set this, a rally with maximum loss is left open to manage it manually. Maybe traders want to decide to close after analyzing the market.

Close Rally: The ESB closes all positions of the rally after it reaches maximum allowed loss.

Wait to Close in Zero Profit: The ESB doesn’t close rally but, waits for a rally to crosses zero profit to up and then closes it immediately!

Exit Expert: The ESB is closed and leaves rally open. You need to run ESB again after this action.

Close Buy/Sell Rally Expression: If your plan checks some conditions to deciding about the closing rally, you can set these conditions separately for buy and sell by defining an expression. The target profit can be set here by defining it using buy or sell expressions. ESB checks these conditions and as they met, close all positions immediately!